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Improving wildlife habitat on your land

Learn about habitat conservation practices to enhance recreation and fee-access leasing potential on your property.

Talk directly to experts and business owners

Morning presentations will allow you to ask questions and talk to legal experts, wildlife habitat specialists, local outdoor business owners, accountants, marketing specialists, and more.

Learn about different outdoor businesses

Not sure what business might be right for you? We'll talk about the various types of outdoor businesses, including the pros and cons and income potential of each. Examples include otudoor recreation businesses such as hunting leases and agritourism and businesses based on harvesting the resources on your land (i.e. Christmas tree farms and u-pick farms).

Need more information?

Visit the Natural Resource Enterprises program website at for information about what we do, how to start a business, how to operate a business, how to grow a business, and more.

Registration is $10 per person attending.

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