Non-Game Animals

Little brown bat


With more than 45 species of bats in the U.S., bats are important pollinators and help control insect populations. Bats can be found in a variety of ecosystems, and require dark, protected places to sleep and hibernate in winter.

Black Bear

Black Bear

Two subspecies of black bear are found in Mississippi: the Louisiana and American black bear. There are about 80-100 black bears in Mississippi. The population has declined due to land clearing and overhunting.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Hummingbirds and Butterflies

Although the mourning dove is a migratory bird, many doves stay in Mississippi year-round. This popular game bird requires open ground and fields for gathering food and trees and shrubs for roosting and nesting.

Eastern Bluebird

Songbirds & Other Birds

The Eastern cottontail rabbit is can be found in open grassy fields and dense growth along fields and woodland edges. Its habitat has been reduced due to industrialized farming, loss of native plants, and the introduction of invasive species.



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