Lazy Acres Farm

Published 8/22/13
Lazy Acres Farm

Located in Chunky, Mississippi, Lazy Acres offers a variety of seasonal family-friendly activities on the farm.

Originally a Christmas tree farm, the Mays have continued to add to the attractions. They now feature an Easter egg hunt, host weddings and birthday parties, hold a Pumpkin Princess pageant, and have an annual hillbilly run in addition to their Christmas tree experience and pumpkin patch.

The Mays have created an overall experience for those visiting their farm. During the Christmas tree season, visitors can really get into the spirit of Christmas while riding the tractor-drawn sleigh to select and cut their tree or watching the lights show or visiting the Christmas shop.

Mr. May recommends that anyone considering an agritourism operation start off small and continue to build each year with the earnings from the previous year. He cautions that building a business like his is not a fast process.

Listen to the video below as owner Michael May discusses the activities on the farm including an animal park, kids korral, pumpkin patch, Christmas lights show and their Christmas shop.

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