Corn Mazes

  • Mazes can be made of corn, grass, wheat, or other crops
  • GPS technology and software can help agritourism operators cut elaborate mazes that fit the exact size of the field
  • Liability insurance is recommended when you charge people for access to your land

What To Do

Corn mazes are a form of agritourism that provides entertainment for all ages. Elaborate pictorial mazes can be cut into growing corn fields to establish a path for tourists to travel. Some agritourism operators add trivia games to their mazes for additional fun.

Mazes should be planned, designed, and cut prior to the corn reaching full height. The earlier you cut the maze, the easier it is. There are private companies that can be hired to license and cut the mazes, or individuals can cut their own using GPS technology and mapping software.

When charging visitors to enter a corn maze, certain considerations for the safety of visitors must be considered. Liability insurance is recommended and agritourism operators must be aware of any applicable state laws.

Other Publications

Creating a Crop Maze with GPS (PDF)
North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension

GPS equipment and software allows the creation of elaborate mazes suited to each individual field. This publication covers the points to consider when using GPS to cut a maze, how to design the maze, transfer the design to the field, and cut the maze.

How to Build a Corn Maze