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Agritourism on Mitchell Farms

Dagaz Acres Zipline Adventures

Dull's Christmas Tree Farm

Curry Farms - Agritourism

Fall Fun at the Farm - Agritourism

Vaughn Farms Hunting Leases

Lazy Acres Christmas Tree Farm

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Other Publications

At Home with the Claytons': An On-Farm Bed and Breakfast Experience (Case Study) (PDF)
North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability

This case study follows the Clayton family's on-farm bed and breakfast including the history of the farm, the history of the bed and breakfast, business costs and income, profitability, marketing, and challenges and conclusions.

Interview with Vern and Pegg Knapp: Hardwood Forest, Hunting, Conservation/Education, B&B, Birding, and Horse Rides (PDF)
Natural Resources Conservation Service

This interview of the Knapps covers their farm's history, the business that they currently run, why they chose that business, how they started the business, how they got financing, how they priced their products, how they market their business, and their successes and failures.

Small Farm Success Stories: USDA Farms and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Coordinators’ Collections, 2006 - 2008 (PDF)
USDA Office of Small Farms Coordination

This publication of success stories was prepared by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Office of Small Farms Coordination. These stories collected by the USDA Small Farms and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Coordinators highlight some of the many successes that demonstrate the continuing efforts made by the Department to facilitate economic vibrancy to rural communities and improve the quality of life for the Nation’s small farmers, beginning farmers and ranchers, and farmworkers.

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